Our design studio considers Architecture and Interior Design an everyday family practice.

Our team fits the required educational background and experience to meet design and technical expertise, in terms of Architecture and Interior Design.

Our point of departure is Architecture
…we imagine, study, recommend, form and build spaces which reflect the needs of those who entrusted us.

Our focus is Interior Design
…we plan, design, compose and realize the atmosphere where private and professional everyday life activities are hosted.

Our meeting point is Consultancy
…we wish to share our experience and know-how, offer technical and design guidance on the field we specialize.

The sintesis of our working team is complemented by a set of collaborators and fellow Engineers who contribute creatively to our work having their own technical and professional perspective.
Our working activities extended further than Attica and our buisness network further than Greece.

Our projects involve inspiration and expertise.

Our working ideas compose a mix of fresh design attitude and constant information update on technical issues and international design trends.

Our working ethics derive from our professionalism and love for the principles of Architecture, the sensitivity of Interior Design and the creativity of Decoration.

Every idea is suggested with special care and consideration.

Each solution is exclusive and treated with great attention, regardless of the time and financial budget required, either on a holistic level study, partial intervention or piece of advice.


-   Architecture
Interior Design
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Architecture and Interior Design is considered for our design studio an everyday family practice.

Our point of departure is Architecture… we imagine, study, recommend, form and build spaces which reflect the needs of those who entrusted us.

Our focus is Interior Design…we plan, design, compose and realize the atmosphere where everyday life activities are hosted.

100% Hotel Show
100% Hotel Show

Our studio exhibited a new hotel design concept , the WeSense matrimonial suite, at 100%HotelShow, a fair presenting exclusively services, equipment and supplies for tourism industry.
We presented a fresh architecture proposal for the honeymoon hotel suite, inspired by personalized sensorial design.

The WeSense matrimonial suite was a winning idea, along with 10 other winners among 130 entries, addressed to the open design invitation for an innovative design product for hoteliers’ business, regarding the honeymoon suite.

The idea conception (concept)
The WeSense suite is a comfortable, open space wedding suite, where guests are encouraged to use and strengthen their senses, by sharing an individualized hospitality experience, perception of space and enjoyment of offered facilities.

All of 5 senses - touch, sight, hearing, smell , taste - are included !

Each of the senses contributes to forming this experience, through :
- the use of textures and fittings and the indoor temperature
- the architectural details, colors , lighting and window view
- the sound systems
- the room fragrances and upholstery
- food and drinks

On the hotelier’s behaulf, this interior atmosphere and personalized experience suited solely to ensure that every guest shares their personal preferences, likes and dislikes, when booking, on his/hers :
- favorite scents , flavors, colors,etc
to arrange supplying the suite with delicacies, flowers, aromas and music that will enhance the feeling of relaxed atmosphere that suits this special occasion .

The honeymoon suite, WeSense, is a two-level 55 m² room, offering a 15 sq.m. terrace. It’s a symmetrical arrangement of space, which offers the advantage to economies due to standardization in construction. Its layout could fit for another room typology as well.

The facilities offered, are:
-king-size bed with bedside tables
-personal side-bed lighting
-ambient lighting on ceiling and floor
-exclusive storage for clothing and luggage
-recessed TV in ceiling
-shower spa and ceiling lighting
-audio with mirror tv
-refrigerator, mini-bar, drinks and delicacies
-working desk with wireless internet
-dining table and relaxation with terrace view
-private furnished terrace
-a/c and heating
-sound system
-daily supply of fruits, flowers , printed magazines and newspapers , room fresheners , depending on the preferences of the newlyweds

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